Introduction to APIL

  • Asian Property Investments Limited (“APIL” or the “Company”) is a special purpose property investment company established in 2005 to benefit from certain favorable property investment conditions in Hong Kong.  Launched in 2005 the company focuses on investing in Grade B and Grade C commercial and residential properties in Hong Kong.
  • Asian Property Services Limited (“APS”) is the investment manager of APIL’s property portfolio.  APS locates, purchases and manages the investment properties for APIL on behalf of the APIL shareholders.
  • Under the management of APS, APIL has achieved a solid track record of returns from its property investments since inception. APIL’s NAV per share has grown from HK$0.97 at June 2005 to HK$4.79 as at end of 30 June 2019. Net Assets of APIL has grown from HK$30.3 million since inception in June 2005 to HK$301.5 million at June 2019. Value has been realised through sales of assets.
  • In 2010 APIL purchased a unique residential property located in the western end of Hong Kong Island.  For this project APIL raised additional equity investment from existing shareholders of APIL as well as from other third party investors.

Contact information

Asian Property Investments Limited

4/F Henfa Commercial Building
348-350 Lockhart Rd,
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Mr. Francis Sze – Property Manager

Tel: (852) 2810 9021