About APIL - Corporate Profile


APIL has 8 subsidiaries – Joyful Max Limited (JML), Pearl Dragon Investments Limited (PDIL), Surplus On (HK) Limited (SOHK), Atlas Property Services Ltd (ATLAS), Best Town Investments Ltd (BTIL), Good Sail Investments Ltd (GSIL), Good Wind Investments Ltd (GWIL) and Antipodes Real Estate Ltd (ANTI)

Source: Colliers 2020 June estimates
  1. APS seeks to maximize the potential capital growth as well as rental income for its managed properties portfolio over the medium term.  Investment focus is on commercial, industrial and residential properties in Hong Kong with the following characteristics: 
Property Profile
Operation Strategy: A medium to long-term investor in commercial, industrial and residential properties in Hong Kong.

It derives its revenue from rental and property income including profits from the sale and realization of properties refurbished or held for short-term gain.
Property Location: Target properties near major transport nodes, and / or near major new comprehensive developments.
Property Size: Prefer mid to large size units.
Value Features: Target properties with green or sea views, rooftops, balconies, terraces.
Value Add: Target properties with upgrade / repositioning potential.
Excluding Type: Excluding from Greenfield sites, recreational properties, and hotels.
Management: Subject buildings must have sound building managers in place.
Loan to Value Ratio: Current government rules in Hong Kong limit borrowing from local banks to a LVR of 40%.
APIL has a limitation on borrowings of a maximum of 65% LVR.
Others: There is key man insurance in place for the Managing Director of the Company.

The Manager about APS

Asian Property Services Limited ("APS") is the investment manager of APIL's properties portfolio. APS locates, purchases and manages the investment properties for APIL on behalf of APIL shareholders.

APS seeks potential investment opportunities, where the team can add further value through upgrading the building, repositioning the tenancy, and change of use.

APS looks for opportunities that will benefit from area gentrification, development of new infrastructure, comprehensive redevelopment nearby. 


APS is wholly owned by Asian Property Services Holdings Limited ("APSHL"). APS currently has 3 directors – Mr. Peter Churchouse, Ms. Phaik Chin Lim and Mr. Geoffrey G. Hill.

APS and its directors hold shares in APIL, the property owning vehicle. 

  • APS has entered into a Management Agreement with APIL pursuant to which it provides advice and support services to APIL. APIL currently pays APS an annual Management Fee.

  • In addition to the Management Fee, APS is eligible to receive a Performance Fee based on net realized profit (after incidental costs of purchase and sale) for invested properties. Performance fee is payable only on realized sale of properties.